The Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance

The Invisible Man: A Grotesque Romance - H.G. Wells I might be the only human who didn't know (other than what the title gives away) anything about this book. I've also avoided all the movies as I assumed they would be rather silly.What a surprise the book was! (I have to stop saying this about H.G. Wells.) It was much better than I thought it would be. Nicely written -- very real and quite poignant at times. Like the others I've read by the author, there's a discomforting, lurking darkness that sometimes feels like the sticky lead-weight of guilt and, at others, like the abyss of existential despair. But the delicate fingers of an ancient Horror are, for the most part, quietly exploring around the edges of the story. There are also some funny bits as well as unexpectedly inventive characters and situations. But none of it over the top. Despite the outrageousness of the premise, the whole thing is very much understated. The idea of what invisibility would actually entail for a human being is explored in a matter of fact way and I thought the character of the Invisible man was exceedingly interesting. The flow of the narrative moves along at a clip, alternating smoothly between the prosaic, sections of intense suspense and excitement, and a few exquisite moments where time slows for a character as they experience the full import and emotion of the situation they're in.All in all, an excellent read.

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